Lazer Kitty is your friend.  You don't remember because of the implants, but before the Great Cosmic War of 30,997 A.D., Lazer Kitty was there to guide you through the deepest time/space tunnels this side of Universe B32v8.  Deep down, you know this to be true.  Lazer Kitty was not a precision machine, as anyone can tell you, but its heart was in the right place.  It took a cue from 3 lower-ranking humanoids, who -- according to myth -- played musical instruments to a small audience of fellow Terrans, resulting in a blissful flash of wordless, transcendental understanding.  Their fates are unknown, but Lazer Kitty has since become legend, scouring the universe for signs of benevolent silliness and the raw, ancient power of naked human emotion.  The fact that so much of this was accomplished without a proper guitarist mystifies our scientists to this day.  Lazer Kitty probably began in the second decade of the 21st century in a geographical region once known as Seattle.  Members reportedly included Vox Mod (a Terran man who likely played an elaborate set of metal and wooden pieces called a "drum set"); Jason Jordan (paradoxically, a fierce warrior and noted peacemaker whose weapon of choice involved metal strings); and Kyle Porter (likely the Terran band's "keyboardist" -- what we might refer to as a ship's navigational system.)  Precious little else is known about these Terrans, the time in which they lived, or how their Earth-bound musical endeavor eventually transformed into the massive, universe-devouring ball of light that is now known as Lazer Kitty.